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EA Personnel Support Hui o Ko‘olaupoko by Volunteering at Waimanalo Community Recycling Day

EA Personnel Support Hui o Ko‘olaupoko by Volunteering at Waimanalo Community Recycling Day

Hunt Valley, Maryland (22 February 2013)—Honolulu staff members of EA Engineering Science, and Technology, Inc. (EA) supported a local, non-profit watershed protection group, Hui o Ko‘olaupoko, at the 4th Annual Waimanalo Community Recycling Day.

The goal of the Waimanalo Community Recycling Day is to provide community members the opportunity to recycle unwanted items that might otherwise end up in landfills or enter waterways. The event also helps to reduce the occurrence of illegal dumping by providing residents with a place to bring bulky items.

EA volunteers helped to direct community members to various recycling areas, where local recyclers were stationed to collect the different recyclable materials, and assisted with unloading cars and placing recyclables into proper receptacles. Recycled items included scrap metal, appliances, propane tanks, cell phones, computers, printer cartridges, batteries, paper, magazines, televisions, all types of plastic, and tires. The recycling event also provided curbside pickup for residents who were unable to bring their recyclable materials to the event, including the towing of unwanted vehicles.

“EA staff members provided much needed support to the Waimanalo community in its efforts to protect this beautiful ‘aina (land),” said Scott Moncrief, EA’s Honolulu Office Manager. “Events like this are a key component of the overall watershed restoration strategy.”

This is the fourth year for the Waimanalo Community Recycling Day. The organizations involved have seen a significant decrease in the amount of trash strewn about the community and there has been a visual reduction in the amount of debris entering the waterways. Rough estimates from the previous year’s efforts include the recycling of more than 15,000 pounds of scrap metal, 200 tires, 3 roll-off bins of trash and bulky items, 6 pallets of electronic waste, and 1,000 pounds of paper and magazines.

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About Hui o Ko‘olaupoko

Hui o Ko‘olaupoko’s mission is to protect ocean health by restoring the land by partnering with key stakeholders, including interested citizens, non-governmental organizations, government, educational institutions, and business while using and focusing on sound ecological principles, community input, and cultural heritage. Hui o Ko‘olaupoko relies heavily on community input and participation to initiate and maintain projects focused in three main program areas, including watershed restoration and monitoring, natural resource coordination, and scientific data and information dissemination. For more information, visit www.huihawaii.org.